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Zhengzhou Sanhe Vision Technology Co., Ltd. is a new enterprise specialized in the research and development, production, and sales for digital video and audio wireless transmission. Since its establishment, Sanhe has successively launched the international leading level wireless multimedia transmission products, which makes Sanhe maintain the coordinated development with the world wide advanced digital multimedia transmission industry equipment manufacturer.

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Sanhe has a high-tech R & D team in the fields of high-speed wireless data transmission, microwave communications, digital image processing etc. The team enjoys rich research and development experience in digital circuits, radio frequency, and digital communication.

The digital microwave transmission systems developed by Sanhe has characteristics of HD image, high stability and low latency. Now Sanhe is a leading provider of data microwave transmission system in international radio and television industry and it is also in the leading position in its industry domestically.

So far Sanhe has provided equipment and technical services for more than 100 television stations nationwide, including the CCTV, Hunan TV, Jiangsu TV, Shanghai Oriental TV, Henan TV and Zhengzhou TV.

Sanhe has also participated in many important live events and provided equipments and technical support such as:

“The Ancestor worship ceremony in Yellow Emperor’s hometown” 2012-2015,

“Zhengzhou-Kaifeng International Marathon” 2012-2015,

“Spider-man Alain Robert climbs the Central plain Blessedness Tower”,

CCTV hosted “WDS International Car Drifting Race”,

“The 10th China Aerospace Expo(Zhuhai)”,

HNTV hosted “Swim across Taiwan Strait: Xinzhu-Pingtan relay swim across Taiwan Strait”

“Xiangjiang International Sailing Competition”, YCTV hosted “The 23rd Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Awards”, etc.

Research and development process

By the end of 2013, Sanhe built its own UAV/drones core team.

In the end of 2014, self-developed UAV successfully passed test flight and put into production and sales. The perfect combination of our self-developed UAV and microwave video transmission system, have the advantages of clearer image, and longer flight time other than domestic UAV brand.

In 2014, Sanhe landed on the China new three board stock market, and the stock code is 831022. Zhengzhou Sanhe Video Technology Co., Ltd. is the 12th company landed on new three board in the region of Zhengzhou High-tech zone.

In 2015, on account of the need of manufacturing and operation, Sanhe has targeted issued 1.46 million stocks, raised CNY8.76 million founds.

With strong technical strength, Sanhe’s products have been used in the fields of security and anti-terrorism since 2015. During the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) Summit, the products as mobile video patrol offered by Sanhe were received by clients. And the products have been doing as the primary transmission link signal for certain regional counter-terrorism activities conducted by some research institutes.

Company profile

Sanhe has professional algorithms of video compression and communications modulation,

a first-class R & D and construction (installation) team,

and abilities of transmission program planning and professional installation and commissioning.

Sanhe is an expert in solving problems of high Bit rate need high CNR, urban environmental transmission loss caused by tall building and long-distance in

complex electromagnetic environment.

In the future, Sanhe vision has been committed to guide domestic broadcasting and information industry step on the international stage.

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